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Thursday, July 21st, 2016

The Committed

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

Josh Langford

Where is he from?
• Hometown: Huntsville, Ala.
• School: Madison Academy
Where’s he ranked on recruiting websites? 5 Star rating and No. 13 by, No. 17 by 247 Sports’ national composite

Why Michigan State? “I just feel like the family atmosphere is something that is unreal,” Langford said “They were more real than any other schools have been. I did a lot of praying and talking to God and just felt like it was the best fit for me as a basketball player and as a young man.” Langford finished by saying, “I believe in God and he leads you to the right things I feel like he led me to Michigan State,” Langford said. I did a lot of praying and I just felt like it was right place for me to go. They had been recruiting me since my freshman year that helps as well.” “It’s a great relationship,” he said. “I felt like he was already my coach. The relationship is great. We talk a lot on the phone and we’ve talked forever.”

Why Not Michigan State? He will not de-commit, we promise! See other story for more information:

Any video on him? Yes,

How good is he? Great all-around player, don’t believe us? Here is what a recruiting expert had to say:
“Langford is a solidly built wing scorer who’s already a solid jump shooter with three-point range. He’s also a highly physical player who gets the most out of his body. At 6-5, 200 pounds, he’s far more advanced in terms of musculature compared with his peers. He loves to slice into the paint, draw contact and take a shoot off the glass or simply get fouled. Though a wing handler and defender, Langford is a very talented passer as well.”
We personally believe he is Gary Harris, early 1st round draft pick good.

How did we get a 5 star recruit from Alabama? Tom Izzo, Tom Izzo, and Tom Izzo! ( He has changed the way he operates and it is working, trust us!

Nick Ward
Where is he from?
• Hometown: Gahanna, Ohio
• School: Lincoln High School

Where’s he ranked on recruiting websites? 4 Star rating and No. 41 by, No. 42 by 247 Sports’ national composite

Why Michigan State? Even though Ward said he is tight with Michigan player Javon Bess that was not a major factor in his decision. “I just love Michigan State,” Ward said, and he is now in a position to recruit for the Spartans. This interview sums it up well:

Why Not Michigan State? He had offers early on from big schools like Indiana, Ohio State, Wisconsin, etc. However, he may have green blood running through his body and there is zero point zero chance he de-commits from Michigan State.

Any video on him? Yes, there is:

How good is he? A better all-around version of Derrick Nix with the upside of a Draymond Green. Don’t believe us? Here is a breakdown on him from a recruiting expert:
“There aren’t many more productive players on the low block in the class than Ward. He is someone who can really score with a variety of moves and possesses tremendous hands. Add in that he has improved his conditioning, Ward is someone who has proven to be extremely effective against the nation’s best.”

How did we get a solid four star recruit from Ohio so early in the recruiting process? Tom Izzo, Javon Bess, and Michigan State showed him the love early and often.

Analysis on the 2016 Michigan State Basketball Recruiting Class: #The Class
One comment and one comment only, in our personal opinion THIS WILL BE THE BEST RECRUITING CLASS THAT TOM IZZO HAS EVER HAD!

Part 1 of our 4 part Recruiting Breakdown Edition

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Joshua Jackson

Where is he from? Joshua Jackson was born in San Diego, California and moved to Michigan when he was eight months old. He attended Consortium College Prep School in Detroit, Michigan for his freshman and sophomore years. Prior to his junior year, Jackson and his family moved to California to attend Justin-Siena High School in Napa, California and play for Prolific Prep. He is going into his senior year of high school.

Where’s he ranked on recruiting websites? No. 3 by ESPN, No. 1 by 247 Sports’ national composite

Who is he considering? Every major school like Arizona, Kansas, Michigan State and surprise schools like Maryland. Why does every school want him? Journalist Jerry Meyer called him the best shooting guard prospect he’s ever scouted. That’s high praise, and Jackson has elite size and elite athleticism for the position. With a non-stop motor, he is the “Lebron James” of the 2016 college recruits in our personal opinion.

What we witnessed when we saw him play in person: Here are the highlights of the game ( Even though he was out of the game for a period of the time with foul trouble, Josh Jackson finished the game with 31 points and 12 rebounds for Detroit Consortium as they defeated #1 ranked Mount Clemens who had at least 3 division one future players on their team. Josh was a sophomore at the time and he looked like a man among boys during long stretches due to his superior talent and skill set that he displayed. And for those who have criticized him for transferring to a prep school in California, they are dead wrong. There was nothing left for Josh to prove in Michigan and more importantly, improve as a basketball player in the state of Michigan. The vast majority of 5 star and even some 4 star basketball players from Michigan have left the state to play better competition elsewhere the past couple of years. Deyonta Davis and Cassius Winston are the exceptions not the norms.

Has he visited Michigan State: Yes he has recently and this is what his mother has said, “Michigan State was good,” Jones said. “Coach [Tom] Izzo. I think he’s a good coach. He cares about the kids and playing in his system. Those kids seem to develop.” (

Why Michigan State? He knows what happened to Cliff Alexander and even Emmanuel Mudiay. Josh like every other top high school players want to be drafted number one overall. Many who dream of this, never get what they want and if they are lucky they get drafted as a lottery pick but not number one overall. Tom Izzo develops players and Draymond Green is the perfect example. He had two players go in the first round two years ago in Gary Harris and Adreian Payne which has warranted the attention of high school recruits. If Branden Dawson becomes literally the next Draymond Green with both of those players playing in California where we know Jackson will be watching some Clippers and Warriors games, it validates that Tom Izzo truly develops players and gets them prepared for the NBA. Josh even though he was not technically born in Michigan, he spent most of his life in the State of Michigan. The two recruits Tom Izzo has committed to him are from outside Michigan. Rarely does Izzo lose top recruits from Michigan. Josh does like Michigan State by all accounts and time will only tell. Michigan State is a prominent blue blood program with a hall of fame coach. Josh wants to win it all in his one year of college like Carmello Anthony did as a freshman and develop into the next Lebron James in the NBA. Also what is very important is that after the recent loss in the Final Four to Duke, Tom Izzo has sworn to recruit differently and by all accounts he has and still follows the NCAA rules. Izzo wants that second championship and Josh will make that a reality if he comes to play at MSU. Spartan fans stay tuned….#theClass

Why Not Michigan State? Jackson’s mom, Apples Jones, told the Lexington Herald-Leader her son had outgrown Detroit. “It’s time to move on,” she told the newspaper. Maybe the state of Michigan and East Lansing is not appealing to him. Josh does not like the cold weather even though he said that it will not deter him from what school he chooses. He may pick Arizona but we fell MSU still has a good shot but not as strong of a belief of him committing to MSU as compared to some over MSU targets.

The prediction: No one knows trust us. We are hearing that Josh Jackson is open to going to multiple schools. This one feels totally up in the air and given the connection with USA U19 coach Sean Miller, some are going with Arizona. However, every person who knows him from his time playing high school basketball in Michigan knows that no one can predict where he will go and it is still to be determined where Josh will do.

As promised and the first site to announce…

Friday, August 7th, 2015

Michigan State’s Non-Conference Schedule

*Florida Atlantic men’s basketball team starts its season on Nov. 13th traveling to East Lansing to compete against Michigan State.

*Kansas plays Michigan State on Nov. 17th in Chicago in the Championship Classic.

*Arkansas Pine Bluff comes to East Lansing on November 20th

*Eastern Michigan travels to East Lansing on November 23rd

*Boston College plays Michigan State in the 1st round of the John Wooden Legacy Tournament on Thursday ,November 26 on ESPN2 6:30 PM ET.

*Second round game on November 27th and the Finals on November 29th of the John Wooden Legacy Tournament.

*On December 2nd Louisville travels to East Lansing to play Michigan State in the B1G/ACC challenge.

*Binghamton University men’s basketball team will travel to play at Michigan State for a non-conference game in East Lansing on Dec. 5th.

* University of Maryland Eastern Shore will on December 9th visit East Lansing, where they will play Final Four participant Michigan State.

*MSU will host Florida on Saturday Dec. 12th.

*Michigan State will travel to play at Northeastern on Dec. 19th.

*Michigan State will travel to the Palace of Auburn Hills to play Oakland University on Tuesday Dec. 22nd.

*Side note: MSU will play in Florence on Aug. 25th then a 3 game tournament from Aug. 28-30 in Trieste against national teams from Italy, Russia, etc.

Sneak Peak for 2016-2017 and beyond
*MSU travels to play University of Florida (2017-2018 season)
*MSU plays in Hawaii against Arizona on Nov. 11th
*November 15th MSU plays Kentucky
*Michigan State, along with Louisville and VCU in the Battle 4 Atlantis.
The Summary: In 15 days MSU will play in Hawaii, NYC, and Bahamas.

Do you know what today is?

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Today is Tom Izzo day, yes July 20th is the day we honor coach Tom Izzo. You didn’t know this day existed? Neither did we. We were informed last week that this day exists. Why does no one really know about this day? Tom Izzo is a modest guy who doesn’t want to draw attention to himself unless it means him landing a 5 star recruit. Here are some suggestions on how you can tell him that you appreciate him and all that he has done for MSU.
Here are different ways to tell Coach Izzo that you appreciate him!

1. Mail Coach Izzo a letter expressing your appreciation of him:
Attention: Tom Izzo
Mailing Address: Berkowitz Complex, Suite 150, 534 Birch Rd., East Lansing, MI 48824

2. Leave a voicemail for him at his office saying how much you appreciate him:
517- 355-1643

3. Post on his Facebook Fan Page wall:

4. Email him:
Attention: Tom Izzo

5. Coach Izzo hates twitter but:
Tweet out hastags: #July20TomIzzoDay #ThankYouCoachIzzo

Why Joshua Langford is different

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Why this is different
Five-star shooting guard Josh Langford, who is No. 13 overall in the ESPN 100, has committed to coach Tom Izzo and Michigan State as we were the first to report on our twitter account. He has said the right things and this time Michigan State will have their five star recruit remain committed to the green and white.
“I did a lot of praying and consulting with God about it. Michigan State had been there since I was a freshman,” Langford said. “I just felt a connection with head coach Tom Izzo more than any other coach I talked to on the phone or spoke with in person.” This above quote is just one of many that tells a different story than the last time Michigan State received a verbal commitment from a five star recruit. Fans from other schools will refer to the below quotes as evidence to contrast our belief that Langford will remain committed to Michigan State.
On April 10th 2015 five-star recruit Caleb Swanigan tweeted, “Next year I will be going Michigan State University. Once a spartan. Always a Spartan”. Three weeks later Caleb implied that nothing has changed since then. “I’m 100 percent,” Swanigan said of his commitment to the Spartans.” He continued to say, “Everything’s been going well,” Swanigan said. “I talk to Izzo probably every three or four days and text with (assistant coach Dwayne Stephens). … General (conversation) about how it’s going to be when I’m on campus.” Caleb ended saying, ““Just pretty much (my) past with Izzo and how he’s been able to work with players and make them better,” Swanigan said. “Go there and you have a chance at a national championship.” Now listen to Langford’s quotes below.
“Cassius Winston, I have to get his number,” said Langford, “Miles (Bridges), I’m gonna start recruiting those guys right now.” He continued to say, “I just feel like the family atmosphere is something that is unreal,” Langford said “They were more real than any other schools have been. I did a lot of praying and talking to God and just felt like it was the best fit for me as a basketball player and as a young man.” Langford finished by saying, “I believe in God and he leads you to the right things I feel like he led me to Michigan State,” Langford said. I did a lot of praying and I just felt like it was right place for me to go. They had been recruiting me since my freshman year that helps as well.” “It’s a great relationship,” he said. “I felt like he was already my coach. The relationship is great. We talk a lot on the phone and we’ve talked forever.”
If you haven’t noticed that many of Langford’s quotes are very similar. He references his faith in God that led him to Michigan State, he mentions the family atmosphere that Tom Izzo has created and has maintained at Michigan State, and his comments on reaching out to other recruits all all positive signs of him staying committed to Michigan State and coach Izzo. We have coined the hashtag #TheClass to signify that this will be Michigan State’s best recruiting class ever for these group of men in the 2016 graduating class. And there are these quotes to prove our point.
“Once I’m in, I’m all in,” said Langford, “I’m not the kind of person who would ever go back on a commitment; I don’t believe in that. I want this (recruiting) all to be over so I can focus on my senior season and college.” This quote is really what separates him from Caleb Swanigan even though Caleb was very positive about Michigan State before his commitment to another Big Ten school. We know what you are thinking, what about others influencing Langford’s decisions like with what happened to Caleb. Here is our response to that question.
Tellus Langford, Joshua’s father called Travis Walton, Zach Randolph, Gary Harris’s father, etc. because he wanted to know what it really was like to play for Tom Izzo. Tellus said, “I talked to a lot of people — I mean, I did my investigation to a ‘T’ and there was not one person who could say anything negative about the program,” Tellus continued to say, “Coach Izzo has this great love-hate relationship with his players: He coaches those guys hard, he pushes them hard, but they all come back. Everyone talks about family, but at Michigan State, it’s a real thing.”
Are you still not convinced that Langford is not 100% all in? Langford said, “At other schools, the game will be over, and guys will break into different groups. At Michigan State, everyone is together, and I think that’s a big reason they made the Final Four last year. Talent-wise, it didn’t look like they would make it that far, but a lot of it was about how they were off the court.”
But what about his dedication and his work ethic?
“I think coach Izzo can make me a great defender. I think I will be able to guard 1 through 4 in college. I want to be great and I’m self-motivated, but I know Michigan State will push me.” Langford said.
We can keep on giving you more and more quotes but just trust us on this. #TheClass that already includes, Nick Ward and Joshua Langford will have two more players join them. Stay tuned because this will be the best class of talented players that Michigan State has ever had.

Will a college coach from the State of Michigan be the next coach of the Cavs?

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Who will be the next head coach of the Cleveland Cavilers?
John Beilein? The 62 year head coach of the University of Michigan is a strong possibility. It is no secret as it has been heavily publicized that there is a feud between Lebron James and Cavaliers head coach David Blatt. The owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers with strong ties to the state of Michigan and a track recorded of going after veteran college coaches as was the case a couple of years ago with his pursuit of Tom Izzo could be looking at John Beilein to be the Cavs new head coach.
University of Michigan Head coach John Beilein would be an ideal fit for Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Beilein is the only active collegiate coach to have achieved 20-win seasons at four different levels and a switch to the NBA would be a smooth transition. Beilein is not only considered one of the best X’s and O’s coaches in all of college basketball but that of any coach at any level. He has put multiple players into the NBA were they have been successful and he being a veteran coach would get the attention of Lebron James who is clearly asking Cavs management for a quality veteran coach to replace David Blatt. Beilein makes approximately $1.9 million annually which would allow the Cavs to easily be able to afford to pay him to leave the University of Michigan.
However, there is a “but”. John Beilein from all accounts and from what is said in inner circles loves coaching at the University of Michigan. Like Izzo and his wiliness to stay at Michigan State, it would take a lot of convincing to get John Beilein to leave Ann Arbor for Cleveland. Only time will tell, so stay tuned.

Last Name Ever, First Name Greatest: The King

Sunday, June 14th, 2015

Quick (actually longer) introduction:

Michael Jordan couldn’t win anything with Doug Collins as his head coach or against elite completion in the 1980’s with the superior L.A. Lakers, Detroit Pistons, and Boston Celtics teams beating the Bulls time and time again. Jordan needed Phil Jackson, arguably one of the best head coaches of all time and a very week 1990’s collection of NBA players to win his 6 NBA Championships. Even when an elite team emerged in the 90’s such as the Houston Rockets, Jordan was playing minor league baseball not competing for another NBA title. Lebron James has been coached by Erik Spoelstra, David Blatt, and Mike Brown and company. Do I dare say more? Lebron played against arguably the most consistent, best coached, and most balanced basketball championship dynasty in the San Antonio Spurs. Lebron James has played against more skilled, faster, and definitely more athletic and versatile players than Jordan did against the likes of John Stockton and Penny Hardaway. Michael Jordan played in an era with bulky un-athletic big men and guards without left hands who couldn’t shoot nearly as well as shooting guards today. Hand-checking was the norm and Jordan received plenty of calls and they even named it the fouls he received time and time again the Jordan Rules. Lebron gets nearly tackled in overtime of the NBA finals and doesn’t even get a whistle.

Now Here is the Breakdown of Information on why Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan and is the best player ever:

Jordan had more talent around him than Lebron
Michael Jordan for the vast/majorty part of his career had far superior talent playing alongside him then Lebron James. I know that Lebron had Chris Bosh and an aging/often injured/past his prime Dwayne Wade as his teammates but do people forget that Scottie Pippen is one of the top 50 players of all time in the NBA? Dennis Rodman, Toni Kukoc, and company made Michael Jordan’s life a lot easier.

Lebron can guard the 1,2, 3, and 4, Jordan couldn’t
Michael Jordan used his speed and athleticism to shut down opposing perimeter players. Lebron James is just as athletic and is more than capable of dominating almost any opposing player from point/shooting guards to power forwards. An example is Lebron could guard Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen, and Larry Bird well. Jordan could not, though Jordan could guard a very well at the 2 and 3 spot in most cases.

Lebron on offense can play the 1, 2, 3, and 4 very well
Lebron in comparison to Jordan in this context is simple. Lebron plays point guard, Jordan needed the B.J. Armstrong and company. Lebron can start on 75% of the NBA’s teams rosters as a power forward, Jordan could not. The only other legit comparison is Magic Ervin Johnson and that is most likely is because Magic is a Spartans, and Spartans can do almost anything.

James is a Better Passer/Distributor

James has averaged nearly 7 assists per game for his career, while Jordan averaged 5.3 assists per game. Lebron James is a better passer, and he makes his teammates better. James is better able to involve his teammates in the game and move the ball around to be more efficient on offense.

Lebron James is a better Teammate
Jordan was quoted as essential using fear to make his teammates better. This is the lesson that Kobe Bryant took from MJ but no one really likes Kobe as a teammate wear MJ’s teammates more than less liked him. Then there is Lebron James who is well known to use encouragement and shows his trust in his teammates by passing them the ball throughout the game in order to instill confidence in them. Lebron installs a more sense of family with his teammates and that is not debatable.

Lebron Risked More of the Court

Lebron James takes more risks of the court by taking stands on controversial issues. This has nothing to do with him better a better basketball player than Michael Jordan but this has to be brought up for all of the kids growing up in the 90’s who thought that Jordan was a choir boy who could walk on water because he was such a good role model for America’s youth. Many people forget that The Decision (2010) raised several million dollars for charity, including $2.5 million for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Rather you like Lebron’s social or poltical stands is one thing, but at least he does take a stand unlike Jordan. Lebron James said, “I think it’s a very important election for everyone, (when he decided to publicly support Barack Obama)” James said. “Everyone, they talk about having a right to vote. Just don’t talk about it, actually go out and do it. And let your voice be heard, and I’m happy to be in the position I am.” On the other hand, there’s an old political story about Michael Jordan, in which he reportedly turned down the opportunity to support Democrat Harvey Gantt in the 1990 North Carolina Senate race. His reasoning? “Republicans buy shoes, too.” Know once should care if Michael Jordan or Lebron James are Republicans, Democrats, or Independents politically. It is just reassuring that professional athletes like Lebron would take a stand even if it meant that some people what not buy his shoes for example because of a political stance.

Lebron James is a Better Rebounder
Jordan averaged 6.2 rebounds per game in his career, while Lebron is averaging nearly seven and a half per game. James has superior size and strength, it’s easy to see why he is a better rebounder.

Simply, Lebron James is a more complete player all-around
LeBron has nearly 50 career triple doubles (third all-time). Jordan had 27 of them in his career. Lebron is only 30 and he can play til his 40 if he eventually switches to the power forward position when he gets into his late 30’s.

Jordan as of now has more NBA Championships than Lebron, who cares!
If that is the case, Bill Russell has 11 championships so he clearly must be the best ever. Robert Horry has 7, one more than Michael Jordan, does that automatically make him better than Jordan and James? No! Just stop it already…….

Some other fun facts in case you’re still not convinced:
*The Miami Heat without LeBron James missed the playoffs this season. The Bulls without Jordan made the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.
*After 15 seasons in the league, LeBron James will still be dominating the competition (next year is his 13th in the league). Michael Jordan retired after his 15th.
* LeBron James has been to the same number of NBA Finals as Michael Jordan (6) with another 10 seasons ahead of him.

Lebron James is down three games to two in the NBA Finals and he is clearly the NBA Final MVP.

Caleb, Izzo the Phone Call….The hang up

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Caleb, “(with the Nelly song, “Hey! It must be the money” playing in the background) “Coach Izzo I am truly sorry” (Izzo interrupts him)
Izzo, “I have went to many Final Fours, I have won a national championship, and I have had players that I coached make millions of dollars in the NBA and have won NBA championships but still I recruit and players like you. I have recruited teenage kids that I have recruited as early as 8th grade just to announce their senior year that they are attending another university. I will no longer care, talk to, think of, or mention any high school kid who picked another school rather than mine.”
Caleb, “But coach, we can still talk like you and Jabari Parker right?”
Izzo, “Stop talking! When we play Purdue we will blow you guys out by at least 20 and if your lucky I won’t embarrass you.”
Caleb, “Embarrass me?”
Izzo, “I will have my two walk-on big men Colby Wollenman and Kenny Goins dunk on you until you beg for mercy!’
Caleb, “Izzo, it wasn’t my decision to go to Purdue it was (he is interrupted)”
Izzo, “I will make Deyonta Davis the next Anthony Davis!”
Caleb, “I don’t like this angry Izzo.”
Izzo, “Then you are telling everyone that you are bringing a national championship to Purdue! You say Purdue had everything you wanted and It really wasn’t that tough of a decision!”
Caleb, “That’s my guardian Roosevelt Barnes who said that, please coach Izzo I am sorry!”
Izzo, “First Purdue won’t even make it out of the first round of the NCAA tournament assuming you guys even make the tournament. You will never win a Big Ten title at Purdue as long as I live. I am done with you, good luck you will need it.”
Caleb, “No!!!!!!!!!!!! Be my friend!”

Caleb and Izzo on a Phone part 2

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Tom Izzo, “Caleb, what is the deal? Are you in or are you out?”
Caleb, “I was thinking, the whole Twitter announcement of my previous commitment was not up to par.”
Izzo, “What! You didn’t answer my question.”
Caleb, “Coach when I announce can you come down from the rafters in a Incredible Hulk costume?”
Izzo, “For the love of Mother Mary and baby Jesus, what on God’s earth are you talking about!”
Caleb, “First off, I have to find a way to express myself in a manner to the Purdue fans and to my crew at Cal-Berkley that doesn’t make me look like a bad guy.”
Izzo, “So are you saying it is down to Michigan State and Kentucky?”
Caleb,” (He laughs, gives a big chuckle) Coach, you crazy man but I like you. Now about those Purdue fans, I don’t have the heart to tell them that I am not going there. Can you help them get a low rated 4 star recruit or two preferred walk-ons that can shoot?
Izzo, “I would rather make another ladder commercial with me wearing a Speedo.”
Caleb, “Cool coach, so you well help them out. I really owe you one. Now, my crew at Cal-Berkley are about to kick a player off of their team to make room for me. Can’t you call the NCAA and tell them that the AD from Cal-Berkley sent you some inappropriate text messages so that I can tell my crew there that I can’t go there because their AD is a weirdo?”
Izzo, “Caleb, I am about to run full speed into Lake Lansing without a life jacket on because you are driving me crazy! Are you going to be a Spartan or not?”
Caleb, “I hear ya coach, nothing like a night time swim without anything weighing you down. Now coach, I have something special planned for Kentucky. I am going to have Coach Cal come sit down on the front row of where I am going to announce my commitment to play basketball next season in my high school gym. I am going to have a Kentucky, Mississippi State, and Michigan State hat on the table. As I go to reach for the Kentucky hat, you come down from the rafters in the incredible Hulk costume, snatch the Kentucky hat from my hand and say not so fast my friend!”
Izzo, “Look, I don’t know what to say really. I have a ton of Final Four appearances, a national championship, and I have put my fair share of players in the NBA. I have dealt with characters like Mateen, and Day Day who joked around, pulled their fair share of pranks, etc. You take the cake son, you are a combination of (he is abruptly interrupted by Caleb)”
Caleb, “Batman, Superman, and Captain Planet, I know coach! I am the perfect combination of all three.”
Izzo, “Are you or are you not for the love of God going to fax me your letter of intent to attend Michigan State University?”
Caleb, “Coach what does my tweet say from April 10th? Did I delete it? It’s still there right? I am like Brad Pitt in Ocean’s Eleven and you are like that old white dude who mentors him. We fooled everyone coach, Once a Spartan, Always a Spartan!”
Izzo, “I have a lot of more gray hair now, and by the way, can’t I at least be George Clooney?”
Caleb, “No coach, you are the really old white dude in the film. I will see you very soon.”
Izzo, “I am not coming down from the rafters in an Incredible Hulk costume”
Caleb, “Sure you are not going to….(Laughing out load)”
Izzo, “Just send that letter of intent ASAP”
Caleb, “Sure coach, sure…….”