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Josh Langford

Where is he from?
• Hometown: Huntsville, Ala.
• School: Madison Academy
Where’s he ranked on recruiting websites? 5 Star rating and No. 13 by, No. 17 by 247 Sports’ national composite

Why Michigan State? “I just feel like the family atmosphere is something that is unreal,” Langford said “They were more real than any other schools have been. I did a lot of praying and talking to God and just felt like it was the best fit for me as a basketball player and as a young man.” Langford finished by saying, “I believe in God and he leads you to the right things I feel like he led me to Michigan State,” Langford said. I did a lot of praying and I just felt like it was right place for me to go. They had been recruiting me since my freshman year that helps as well.” “It’s a great relationship,” he said. “I felt like he was already my coach. The relationship is great. We talk a lot on the phone and we’ve talked forever.”

Why Not Michigan State? He will not de-commit, we promise! See other story for more information:

Any video on him? Yes,

How good is he? Great all-around player, don’t believe us? Here is what a recruiting expert had to say:
“Langford is a solidly built wing scorer who’s already a solid jump shooter with three-point range. He’s also a highly physical player who gets the most out of his body. At 6-5, 200 pounds, he’s far more advanced in terms of musculature compared with his peers. He loves to slice into the paint, draw contact and take a shoot off the glass or simply get fouled. Though a wing handler and defender, Langford is a very talented passer as well.”
We personally believe he is Gary Harris, early 1st round draft pick good.

How did we get a 5 star recruit from Alabama? Tom Izzo, Tom Izzo, and Tom Izzo! ( He has changed the way he operates and it is working, trust us!

Nick Ward
Where is he from?
• Hometown: Gahanna, Ohio
• School: Lincoln High School

Where’s he ranked on recruiting websites? 4 Star rating and No. 41 by, No. 42 by 247 Sports’ national composite

Why Michigan State? Even though Ward said he is tight with Michigan player Javon Bess that was not a major factor in his decision. “I just love Michigan State,” Ward said, and he is now in a position to recruit for the Spartans. This interview sums it up well:

Why Not Michigan State? He had offers early on from big schools like Indiana, Ohio State, Wisconsin, etc. However, he may have green blood running through his body and there is zero point zero chance he de-commits from Michigan State.

Any video on him? Yes, there is:

How good is he? A better all-around version of Derrick Nix with the upside of a Draymond Green. Don’t believe us? Here is a breakdown on him from a recruiting expert:
“There aren’t many more productive players on the low block in the class than Ward. He is someone who can really score with a variety of moves and possesses tremendous hands. Add in that he has improved his conditioning, Ward is someone who has proven to be extremely effective against the nation’s best.”

How did we get a solid four star recruit from Ohio so early in the recruiting process? Tom Izzo, Javon Bess, and Michigan State showed him the love early and often.

Analysis on the 2016 Michigan State Basketball Recruiting Class: #The Class
One comment and one comment only, in our personal opinion THIS WILL BE THE BEST RECRUITING CLASS THAT TOM IZZO HAS EVER HAD!

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