Part 1 of our 4 part Recruiting Breakdown Edition

Joshua Jackson

Where is he from? Joshua Jackson was born in San Diego, California and moved to Michigan when he was eight months old. He attended Consortium College Prep School in Detroit, Michigan for his freshman and sophomore years. Prior to his junior year, Jackson and his family moved to California to attend Justin-Siena High School in Napa, California and play for Prolific Prep. He is going into his senior year of high school.

Where’s he ranked on recruiting websites? No. 3 by ESPN, No. 1 by 247 Sports’ national composite

Who is he considering? Every major school like Arizona, Kansas, Michigan State and surprise schools like Maryland. Why does every school want him? Journalist Jerry Meyer called him the best shooting guard prospect he’s ever scouted. That’s high praise, and Jackson has elite size and elite athleticism for the position. With a non-stop motor, he is the “Lebron James” of the 2016 college recruits in our personal opinion.

What we witnessed when we saw him play in person: Here are the highlights of the game ( Even though he was out of the game for a period of the time with foul trouble, Josh Jackson finished the game with 31 points and 12 rebounds for Detroit Consortium as they defeated #1 ranked Mount Clemens who had at least 3 division one future players on their team. Josh was a sophomore at the time and he looked like a man among boys during long stretches due to his superior talent and skill set that he displayed. And for those who have criticized him for transferring to a prep school in California, they are dead wrong. There was nothing left for Josh to prove in Michigan and more importantly, improve as a basketball player in the state of Michigan. The vast majority of 5 star and even some 4 star basketball players from Michigan have left the state to play better competition elsewhere the past couple of years. Deyonta Davis and Cassius Winston are the exceptions not the norms.

Has he visited Michigan State: Yes he has recently and this is what his mother has said, “Michigan State was good,” Jones said. “Coach [Tom] Izzo. I think he’s a good coach. He cares about the kids and playing in his system. Those kids seem to develop.” (

Why Michigan State? He knows what happened to Cliff Alexander and even Emmanuel Mudiay. Josh like every other top high school players want to be drafted number one overall. Many who dream of this, never get what they want and if they are lucky they get drafted as a lottery pick but not number one overall. Tom Izzo develops players and Draymond Green is the perfect example. He had two players go in the first round two years ago in Gary Harris and Adreian Payne which has warranted the attention of high school recruits. If Branden Dawson becomes literally the next Draymond Green with both of those players playing in California where we know Jackson will be watching some Clippers and Warriors games, it validates that Tom Izzo truly develops players and gets them prepared for the NBA. Josh even though he was not technically born in Michigan, he spent most of his life in the State of Michigan. The two recruits Tom Izzo has committed to him are from outside Michigan. Rarely does Izzo lose top recruits from Michigan. Josh does like Michigan State by all accounts and time will only tell. Michigan State is a prominent blue blood program with a hall of fame coach. Josh wants to win it all in his one year of college like Carmello Anthony did as a freshman and develop into the next Lebron James in the NBA. Also what is very important is that after the recent loss in the Final Four to Duke, Tom Izzo has sworn to recruit differently and by all accounts he has and still follows the NCAA rules. Izzo wants that second championship and Josh will make that a reality if he comes to play at MSU. Spartan fans stay tuned….#theClass

Why Not Michigan State? Jackson’s mom, Apples Jones, told the Lexington Herald-Leader her son had outgrown Detroit. “It’s time to move on,” she told the newspaper. Maybe the state of Michigan and East Lansing is not appealing to him. Josh does not like the cold weather even though he said that it will not deter him from what school he chooses. He may pick Arizona but we fell MSU still has a good shot but not as strong of a belief of him committing to MSU as compared to some over MSU targets.

The prediction: No one knows trust us. We are hearing that Josh Jackson is open to going to multiple schools. This one feels totally up in the air and given the connection with USA U19 coach Sean Miller, some are going with Arizona. However, every person who knows him from his time playing high school basketball in Michigan knows that no one can predict where he will go and it is still to be determined where Josh will do.

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