Why Joshua Langford is different

Why this is different
Five-star shooting guard Josh Langford, who is No. 13 overall in the ESPN 100, has committed to coach Tom Izzo and Michigan State as we were the first to report on our twitter account. He has said the right things and this time Michigan State will have their five star recruit remain committed to the green and white.
“I did a lot of praying and consulting with God about it. Michigan State had been there since I was a freshman,” Langford said. “I just felt a connection with head coach Tom Izzo more than any other coach I talked to on the phone or spoke with in person.” This above quote is just one of many that tells a different story than the last time Michigan State received a verbal commitment from a five star recruit. Fans from other schools will refer to the below quotes as evidence to contrast our belief that Langford will remain committed to Michigan State.
On April 10th 2015 five-star recruit Caleb Swanigan tweeted, “Next year I will be going Michigan State University. Once a spartan. Always a Spartan”. Three weeks later Caleb implied that nothing has changed since then. “I’m 100 percent,” Swanigan said of his commitment to the Spartans.” He continued to say, “Everything’s been going well,” Swanigan said. “I talk to Izzo probably every three or four days and text with (assistant coach Dwayne Stephens). … General (conversation) about how it’s going to be when I’m on campus.” Caleb ended saying, ““Just pretty much (my) past with Izzo and how he’s been able to work with players and make them better,” Swanigan said. “Go there and you have a chance at a national championship.” Now listen to Langford’s quotes below.
“Cassius Winston, I have to get his number,” said Langford, “Miles (Bridges), I’m gonna start recruiting those guys right now.” He continued to say, “I just feel like the family atmosphere is something that is unreal,” Langford said “They were more real than any other schools have been. I did a lot of praying and talking to God and just felt like it was the best fit for me as a basketball player and as a young man.” Langford finished by saying, “I believe in God and he leads you to the right things I feel like he led me to Michigan State,” Langford said. I did a lot of praying and I just felt like it was right place for me to go. They had been recruiting me since my freshman year that helps as well.” “It’s a great relationship,” he said. “I felt like he was already my coach. The relationship is great. We talk a lot on the phone and we’ve talked forever.”
If you haven’t noticed that many of Langford’s quotes are very similar. He references his faith in God that led him to Michigan State, he mentions the family atmosphere that Tom Izzo has created and has maintained at Michigan State, and his comments on reaching out to other recruits all all positive signs of him staying committed to Michigan State and coach Izzo. We have coined the hashtag #TheClass to signify that this will be Michigan State’s best recruiting class ever for these group of men in the 2016 graduating class. And there are these quotes to prove our point.
“Once I’m in, I’m all in,” said Langford, “I’m not the kind of person who would ever go back on a commitment; I don’t believe in that. I want this (recruiting) all to be over so I can focus on my senior season and college.” This quote is really what separates him from Caleb Swanigan even though Caleb was very positive about Michigan State before his commitment to another Big Ten school. We know what you are thinking, what about others influencing Langford’s decisions like with what happened to Caleb. Here is our response to that question.
Tellus Langford, Joshua’s father called Travis Walton, Zach Randolph, Gary Harris’s father, etc. because he wanted to know what it really was like to play for Tom Izzo. Tellus said, “I talked to a lot of people — I mean, I did my investigation to a ‘T’ and there was not one person who could say anything negative about the program,” Tellus continued to say, “Coach Izzo has this great love-hate relationship with his players: He coaches those guys hard, he pushes them hard, but they all come back. Everyone talks about family, but at Michigan State, it’s a real thing.”
Are you still not convinced that Langford is not 100% all in? Langford said, “At other schools, the game will be over, and guys will break into different groups. At Michigan State, everyone is together, and I think that’s a big reason they made the Final Four last year. Talent-wise, it didn’t look like they would make it that far, but a lot of it was about how they were off the court.”
But what about his dedication and his work ethic?
“I think coach Izzo can make me a great defender. I think I will be able to guard 1 through 4 in college. I want to be great and I’m self-motivated, but I know Michigan State will push me.” Langford said.
We can keep on giving you more and more quotes but just trust us on this. #TheClass that already includes, Nick Ward and Joshua Langford will have two more players join them. Stay tuned because this will be the best class of talented players that Michigan State has ever had.

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