Caleb, Izzo the Phone Call….The hang up

Caleb, “(with the Nelly song, “Hey! It must be the money” playing in the background) “Coach Izzo I am truly sorry” (Izzo interrupts him)
Izzo, “I have went to many Final Fours, I have won a national championship, and I have had players that I coached make millions of dollars in the NBA and have won NBA championships but still I recruit and players like you. I have recruited teenage kids that I have recruited as early as 8th grade just to announce their senior year that they are attending another university. I will no longer care, talk to, think of, or mention any high school kid who picked another school rather than mine.”
Caleb, “But coach, we can still talk like you and Jabari Parker right?”
Izzo, “Stop talking! When we play Purdue we will blow you guys out by at least 20 and if your lucky I won’t embarrass you.”
Caleb, “Embarrass me?”
Izzo, “I will have my two walk-on big men Colby Wollenman and Kenny Goins dunk on you until you beg for mercy!’
Caleb, “Izzo, it wasn’t my decision to go to Purdue it was (he is interrupted)”
Izzo, “I will make Deyonta Davis the next Anthony Davis!”
Caleb, “I don’t like this angry Izzo.”
Izzo, “Then you are telling everyone that you are bringing a national championship to Purdue! You say Purdue had everything you wanted and It really wasn’t that tough of a decision!”
Caleb, “That’s my guardian Roosevelt Barnes who said that, please coach Izzo I am sorry!”
Izzo, “First Purdue won’t even make it out of the first round of the NCAA tournament assuming you guys even make the tournament. You will never win a Big Ten title at Purdue as long as I live. I am done with you, good luck you will need it.”
Caleb, “No!!!!!!!!!!!! Be my friend!”

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