Caleb and Izzo on a Phone part 2

Tom Izzo, “Caleb, what is the deal? Are you in or are you out?”
Caleb, “I was thinking, the whole Twitter announcement of my previous commitment was not up to par.”
Izzo, “What! You didn’t answer my question.”
Caleb, “Coach when I announce can you come down from the rafters in a Incredible Hulk costume?”
Izzo, “For the love of Mother Mary and baby Jesus, what on God’s earth are you talking about!”
Caleb, “First off, I have to find a way to express myself in a manner to the Purdue fans and to my crew at Cal-Berkley that doesn’t make me look like a bad guy.”
Izzo, “So are you saying it is down to Michigan State and Kentucky?”
Caleb,” (He laughs, gives a big chuckle) Coach, you crazy man but I like you. Now about those Purdue fans, I don’t have the heart to tell them that I am not going there. Can you help them get a low rated 4 star recruit or two preferred walk-ons that can shoot?
Izzo, “I would rather make another ladder commercial with me wearing a Speedo.”
Caleb, “Cool coach, so you well help them out. I really owe you one. Now, my crew at Cal-Berkley are about to kick a player off of their team to make room for me. Can’t you call the NCAA and tell them that the AD from Cal-Berkley sent you some inappropriate text messages so that I can tell my crew there that I can’t go there because their AD is a weirdo?”
Izzo, “Caleb, I am about to run full speed into Lake Lansing without a life jacket on because you are driving me crazy! Are you going to be a Spartan or not?”
Caleb, “I hear ya coach, nothing like a night time swim without anything weighing you down. Now coach, I have something special planned for Kentucky. I am going to have Coach Cal come sit down on the front row of where I am going to announce my commitment to play basketball next season in my high school gym. I am going to have a Kentucky, Mississippi State, and Michigan State hat on the table. As I go to reach for the Kentucky hat, you come down from the rafters in the incredible Hulk costume, snatch the Kentucky hat from my hand and say not so fast my friend!”
Izzo, “Look, I don’t know what to say really. I have a ton of Final Four appearances, a national championship, and I have put my fair share of players in the NBA. I have dealt with characters like Mateen, and Day Day who joked around, pulled their fair share of pranks, etc. You take the cake son, you are a combination of (he is abruptly interrupted by Caleb)”
Caleb, “Batman, Superman, and Captain Planet, I know coach! I am the perfect combination of all three.”
Izzo, “Are you or are you not for the love of God going to fax me your letter of intent to attend Michigan State University?”
Caleb, “Coach what does my tweet say from April 10th? Did I delete it? It’s still there right? I am like Brad Pitt in Ocean’s Eleven and you are like that old white dude who mentors him. We fooled everyone coach, Once a Spartan, Always a Spartan!”
Izzo, “I have a lot of more gray hair now, and by the way, can’t I at least be George Clooney?”
Caleb, “No coach, you are the really old white dude in the film. I will see you very soon.”
Izzo, “I am not coming down from the rafters in an Incredible Hulk costume”
Caleb, “Sure you are not going to….(Laughing out load)”
Izzo, “Just send that letter of intent ASAP”
Caleb, “Sure coach, sure…….”

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