Semi-Update on Caleb that Spartan fans may like

We just received a call (not a text, you young bucks) from our very reliable source that Swanigan has been in contact this weekend with the Michigan State basketball staff. Issues are trying to be resolved and we are told that Michigan State is officially back in the mix for his possible commitment to the Spartans. But before we as Spartan fans get too exicted, there is the x-factor: Tom Izzo. Our source does not know those details but Izzo and Swanigan have some things to work out first.

Here are the other teams possible involved:

Purdue fans, words can’t put into words what we heard about Caleb’s possible commitment to Purdue.

Cal-Berkley Gold Bear fans, you guys still have a chance but getting him to your campus is equivalent to navigating through more potholes than the east side of Detroit.

Kentucky, you are guys for obvious reasons are still the leader because your program can give him the best possible living situation, the best food (allegedly), playing time (maybe true when comparing to MSU), and without a doubt the possibility of being a first round pick in the NBA draft after his freshman year of college.

The odds of where Caleb commits as of 05/17/2015:
Michigan State: 35%
Cal-Berkeley: 10%
Kentucky: 55%

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