Caleb Swanigan the Final Countdown! Izzo and Caleb on a Phone

Many rumors continue to circulate about the recruitment of five star big man Caleb Swanigan and his still possible re-commitment to Michigan State University. Let’s start off reminding our readers that he reclassified to be eligible to play college basketball this upcoming season. He is young and many of our readers including ourselves were not the most mature teenagers when we were growing up. We also, except a select few, were not named Mr. Basketball of Indiana which the fans of the state who reside in Indiana value high school basketball over football unlike most states. Now let’s go back to and pay close attention to what he had poster on his Twitter account over a month ago.
On April 10th 2015 he tweeted, “Next year I will be going Michigan State University. Once a spartan. Always a Spartan”. Imagine yourself in his shoes at his age and going through the recruiting process as a 5 Star recruit who could have gone (until Cal-Berkley ran out of scholarships) to virtually any college. Anyone close to the situation knows that he has not had the “Leave it to Beaver” upbringing. Let’s get off of our high horses and stop posting on message boards and tweeting out certain hastags that put this young man in a negative light.
Now let’s switch gears to what Tom Izzo said on May 6th “I really can’t talk about it but we’re kind of going through a little bit of a thing…” on 92.1-FM in Lansing. “So nothing I’m worried about but I just can’t talk about it, guys.” Here is a ray of sunshine Spartan fans, “Michigan State still can have Caleb Swanigan on their roster this upcoming season.” Yes we and Rico Beard are on the same page. Our very reliable source from the Indianapolis area confirms that Michigan State has a chance folks. Instead of intelligently discussing what could transpire between Caleb and Michigan State we figured to make up a make believe conversation that goes something like this…

Tom Izzo, “Hey Caleb what’s happening?”
Caleb, “Nothing much coach, I was thinking”
Izzo, “Stop, you had me at when I saw your cell phone on my called ID”
Caleb, “You serious coach?”
Izzo, “No I am not serious, Caleb! I am still upset with you about what went down between us.”
Caleb, “My bad coach, I just have a lot going on and I may have demanded too much.”
Izzo, “You think? Do I look like the head coach of the University of Kentucky?”
Caleb,” (He laughs, gives a little chuckle) Coach, have you seen their players dorm set up? I don’t want to live in Wonders Hall eating at that not so delightful cafeteria, you feel me?
Izzo, “Hey, I grew up in the upper peninsula”
Caleb, “Coach, I have heard that story literally a hundred times. I understand you did not have an amazing upbringing but neither have I. I just want good food, a nice dorm room with no roommates, and a parking pass for on campus parking”
Izzo, “Kid you are driving me insane! Are you going to be a Spartan or not?
Caleb, “(He gets excited) you mean, you are giving me that last scholarship after all I have did to you?”
Izzo, “Look, I would get phone calls past midnight about Mateen and whatever God only knows what for and by who was calling me about what he may or may have not did and I named my son after him.”
Caleb, “Good times, I will be up in East Lansing again in late August and I will fax my letter of intent at 11:59 pm on May 19th.”
Izzo, “Your killing me like Jamie Fox did to Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday!”
Caleb, “They became boys by the end of the movie!”
Izzo, “(with a sigh) I know, I really want that second national championship”
Caleb, “Cool, Michigan State the 2016 Men’s Basketball National Champions!”
Izzo, “We better be!”

Alright now down to business let’s play where will Caleb end up?
Roosevelt Barnes acting as Swanigan’s legal guardian still as we here from our Indianapolis source is perfectly fine with Caleb re-committing to Michigan State. We are also hearing that Caleb when it comes down to it, wants to be a Spartan. However, it is not that simple. We should all know by now that Caleb is not a big fan of cafeteria food, yes and would he have like to have his own dorm room with no roommates, and that Caleb wants to play the 4 rather than the five and that he wants to be a starter from day 1. But the real question is, will Tom Izzo reach out and work things out with Caleb. If so, Caleb becomes a Spartan after all.

Purdue fans, there is still hope. Would Caleb like to play in the state of Indiana? Yes. Would Roosevelt Barnes be opposed to him going to Purdue? No. Would it be the easiest and quickest path to him committing to a university with as little drama as possible before May 20th? Yes. However, if he really wanted to be a Boilermaker, wouldn’t he have done so by now? Yes!

Cal-Berkley Gold Bear fans, Caleb has his close friends going to Cal but there is more drama with him going to Cal then there is him going to Michigan State. We are too exhausted to go into detail.

Kentucky, you are to Caleb as head bands are to Lebron James, you don’t necessarily want or need each other but you are like smoke is to fire. Kentucky can offer everything Caleb wants. We mean everything and no we are not implying you know what. We are taking about the living situation, the food, the playing time, the possibility of being a first round pick in the NBA draft after his freshman year of college, and more.

The odds of where Caleb commits:
Michigan State: 25%
Purdue: 10%
Cal-Berkeley: 15%
Kentucky: 50%

You know the saying, if we are wrong, we don’t want to be right! Well, we think he goes to Kentucky but hoping that he ends up in East Lansing. We out!

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