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Caleb, Izzo the Phone Call….The hang up

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Caleb, “(with the Nelly song, “Hey! It must be the money” playing in the background) “Coach Izzo I am truly sorry” (Izzo interrupts him)
Izzo, “I have went to many Final Fours, I have won a national championship, and I have had players that I coached make millions of dollars in the NBA and have won NBA championships but still I recruit and players like you. I have recruited teenage kids that I have recruited as early as 8th grade just to announce their senior year that they are attending another university. I will no longer care, talk to, think of, or mention any high school kid who picked another school rather than mine.”
Caleb, “But coach, we can still talk like you and Jabari Parker right?”
Izzo, “Stop talking! When we play Purdue we will blow you guys out by at least 20 and if your lucky I won’t embarrass you.”
Caleb, “Embarrass me?”
Izzo, “I will have my two walk-on big men Colby Wollenman and Kenny Goins dunk on you until you beg for mercy!’
Caleb, “Izzo, it wasn’t my decision to go to Purdue it was (he is interrupted)”
Izzo, “I will make Deyonta Davis the next Anthony Davis!”
Caleb, “I don’t like this angry Izzo.”
Izzo, “Then you are telling everyone that you are bringing a national championship to Purdue! You say Purdue had everything you wanted and It really wasn’t that tough of a decision!”
Caleb, “That’s my guardian Roosevelt Barnes who said that, please coach Izzo I am sorry!”
Izzo, “First Purdue won’t even make it out of the first round of the NCAA tournament assuming you guys even make the tournament. You will never win a Big Ten title at Purdue as long as I live. I am done with you, good luck you will need it.”
Caleb, “No!!!!!!!!!!!! Be my friend!”

Caleb and Izzo on a Phone part 2

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Tom Izzo, “Caleb, what is the deal? Are you in or are you out?”
Caleb, “I was thinking, the whole Twitter announcement of my previous commitment was not up to par.”
Izzo, “What! You didn’t answer my question.”
Caleb, “Coach when I announce can you come down from the rafters in a Incredible Hulk costume?”
Izzo, “For the love of Mother Mary and baby Jesus, what on God’s earth are you talking about!”
Caleb, “First off, I have to find a way to express myself in a manner to the Purdue fans and to my crew at Cal-Berkley that doesn’t make me look like a bad guy.”
Izzo, “So are you saying it is down to Michigan State and Kentucky?”
Caleb,” (He laughs, gives a big chuckle) Coach, you crazy man but I like you. Now about those Purdue fans, I don’t have the heart to tell them that I am not going there. Can you help them get a low rated 4 star recruit or two preferred walk-ons that can shoot?
Izzo, “I would rather make another ladder commercial with me wearing a Speedo.”
Caleb, “Cool coach, so you well help them out. I really owe you one. Now, my crew at Cal-Berkley are about to kick a player off of their team to make room for me. Can’t you call the NCAA and tell them that the AD from Cal-Berkley sent you some inappropriate text messages so that I can tell my crew there that I can’t go there because their AD is a weirdo?”
Izzo, “Caleb, I am about to run full speed into Lake Lansing without a life jacket on because you are driving me crazy! Are you going to be a Spartan or not?”
Caleb, “I hear ya coach, nothing like a night time swim without anything weighing you down. Now coach, I have something special planned for Kentucky. I am going to have Coach Cal come sit down on the front row of where I am going to announce my commitment to play basketball next season in my high school gym. I am going to have a Kentucky, Mississippi State, and Michigan State hat on the table. As I go to reach for the Kentucky hat, you come down from the rafters in the incredible Hulk costume, snatch the Kentucky hat from my hand and say not so fast my friend!”
Izzo, “Look, I don’t know what to say really. I have a ton of Final Four appearances, a national championship, and I have put my fair share of players in the NBA. I have dealt with characters like Mateen, and Day Day who joked around, pulled their fair share of pranks, etc. You take the cake son, you are a combination of (he is abruptly interrupted by Caleb)”
Caleb, “Batman, Superman, and Captain Planet, I know coach! I am the perfect combination of all three.”
Izzo, “Are you or are you not for the love of God going to fax me your letter of intent to attend Michigan State University?”
Caleb, “Coach what does my tweet say from April 10th? Did I delete it? It’s still there right? I am like Brad Pitt in Ocean’s Eleven and you are like that old white dude who mentors him. We fooled everyone coach, Once a Spartan, Always a Spartan!”
Izzo, “I have a lot of more gray hair now, and by the way, can’t I at least be George Clooney?”
Caleb, “No coach, you are the really old white dude in the film. I will see you very soon.”
Izzo, “I am not coming down from the rafters in an Incredible Hulk costume”
Caleb, “Sure you are not going to….(Laughing out load)”
Izzo, “Just send that letter of intent ASAP”
Caleb, “Sure coach, sure…….”

Semi-Update on Caleb that Spartan fans may like

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

We just received a call (not a text, you young bucks) from our very reliable source that Swanigan has been in contact this weekend with the Michigan State basketball staff. Issues are trying to be resolved and we are told that Michigan State is officially back in the mix for his possible commitment to the Spartans. But before we as Spartan fans get too exicted, there is the x-factor: Tom Izzo. Our source does not know those details but Izzo and Swanigan have some things to work out first.

Here are the other teams possible involved:

Purdue fans, words can’t put into words what we heard about Caleb’s possible commitment to Purdue.

Cal-Berkley Gold Bear fans, you guys still have a chance but getting him to your campus is equivalent to navigating through more potholes than the east side of Detroit.

Kentucky, you are guys for obvious reasons are still the leader because your program can give him the best possible living situation, the best food (allegedly), playing time (maybe true when comparing to MSU), and without a doubt the possibility of being a first round pick in the NBA draft after his freshman year of college.

The odds of where Caleb commits as of 05/17/2015:
Michigan State: 35%
Cal-Berkeley: 10%
Kentucky: 55%

Caleb Swanigan the Final Countdown! Izzo and Caleb on a Phone

Friday, May 15th, 2015

Many rumors continue to circulate about the recruitment of five star big man Caleb Swanigan and his still possible re-commitment to Michigan State University. Let’s start off reminding our readers that he reclassified to be eligible to play college basketball this upcoming season. He is young and many of our readers including ourselves were not the most mature teenagers when we were growing up. We also, except a select few, were not named Mr. Basketball of Indiana which the fans of the state who reside in Indiana value high school basketball over football unlike most states. Now let’s go back to and pay close attention to what he had poster on his Twitter account over a month ago.
On April 10th 2015 he tweeted, “Next year I will be going Michigan State University. Once a spartan. Always a Spartan”. Imagine yourself in his shoes at his age and going through the recruiting process as a 5 Star recruit who could have gone (until Cal-Berkley ran out of scholarships) to virtually any college. Anyone close to the situation knows that he has not had the “Leave it to Beaver” upbringing. Let’s get off of our high horses and stop posting on message boards and tweeting out certain hastags that put this young man in a negative light.
Now let’s switch gears to what Tom Izzo said on May 6th “I really can’t talk about it but we’re kind of going through a little bit of a thing…” on 92.1-FM in Lansing. “So nothing I’m worried about but I just can’t talk about it, guys.” Here is a ray of sunshine Spartan fans, “Michigan State still can have Caleb Swanigan on their roster this upcoming season.” Yes we and Rico Beard are on the same page. Our very reliable source from the Indianapolis area confirms that Michigan State has a chance folks. Instead of intelligently discussing what could transpire between Caleb and Michigan State we figured to make up a make believe conversation that goes something like this…

Tom Izzo, “Hey Caleb what’s happening?”
Caleb, “Nothing much coach, I was thinking”
Izzo, “Stop, you had me at when I saw your cell phone on my called ID”
Caleb, “You serious coach?”
Izzo, “No I am not serious, Caleb! I am still upset with you about what went down between us.”
Caleb, “My bad coach, I just have a lot going on and I may have demanded too much.”
Izzo, “You think? Do I look like the head coach of the University of Kentucky?”
Caleb,” (He laughs, gives a little chuckle) Coach, have you seen their players dorm set up? I don’t want to live in Wonders Hall eating at that not so delightful cafeteria, you feel me?
Izzo, “Hey, I grew up in the upper peninsula”
Caleb, “Coach, I have heard that story literally a hundred times. I understand you did not have an amazing upbringing but neither have I. I just want good food, a nice dorm room with no roommates, and a parking pass for on campus parking”
Izzo, “Kid you are driving me insane! Are you going to be a Spartan or not?
Caleb, “(He gets excited) you mean, you are giving me that last scholarship after all I have did to you?”
Izzo, “Look, I would get phone calls past midnight about Mateen and whatever God only knows what for and by who was calling me about what he may or may have not did and I named my son after him.”
Caleb, “Good times, I will be up in East Lansing again in late August and I will fax my letter of intent at 11:59 pm on May 19th.”
Izzo, “Your killing me like Jamie Fox did to Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday!”
Caleb, “They became boys by the end of the movie!”
Izzo, “(with a sigh) I know, I really want that second national championship”
Caleb, “Cool, Michigan State the 2016 Men’s Basketball National Champions!”
Izzo, “We better be!”

Alright now down to business let’s play where will Caleb end up?
Roosevelt Barnes acting as Swanigan’s legal guardian still as we here from our Indianapolis source is perfectly fine with Caleb re-committing to Michigan State. We are also hearing that Caleb when it comes down to it, wants to be a Spartan. However, it is not that simple. We should all know by now that Caleb is not a big fan of cafeteria food, yes and would he have like to have his own dorm room with no roommates, and that Caleb wants to play the 4 rather than the five and that he wants to be a starter from day 1. But the real question is, will Tom Izzo reach out and work things out with Caleb. If so, Caleb becomes a Spartan after all.

Purdue fans, there is still hope. Would Caleb like to play in the state of Indiana? Yes. Would Roosevelt Barnes be opposed to him going to Purdue? No. Would it be the easiest and quickest path to him committing to a university with as little drama as possible before May 20th? Yes. However, if he really wanted to be a Boilermaker, wouldn’t he have done so by now? Yes!

Cal-Berkley Gold Bear fans, Caleb has his close friends going to Cal but there is more drama with him going to Cal then there is him going to Michigan State. We are too exhausted to go into detail.

Kentucky, you are to Caleb as head bands are to Lebron James, you don’t necessarily want or need each other but you are like smoke is to fire. Kentucky can offer everything Caleb wants. We mean everything and no we are not implying you know what. We are taking about the living situation, the food, the playing time, the possibility of being a first round pick in the NBA draft after his freshman year of college, and more.

The odds of where Caleb commits:
Michigan State: 25%
Purdue: 10%
Cal-Berkeley: 15%
Kentucky: 50%

You know the saying, if we are wrong, we don’t want to be right! Well, we think he goes to Kentucky but hoping that he ends up in East Lansing. We out!

The 4th Meal Club (Don’t forget about us)

Caleb Swanigan the truth about what really happened…

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Many rumors have been circulating about the recruitment of five star big man Caleb Swanigan and his commitment and then de-commitment to Michigan State University. On his Twitter account he posted on April 10th 2015 “Next year I will be going Michigan State university. Once a spartan. Always a Spartan”. However, much has changed since that tweet and many fans of Michigan State want to know why. On May 6th Tom Izzo said, “I really can’t talk about it but we’re kind of going through a little bit of a thing, football’s been through it,” Izzo said on “The Drive with Jack Ebling” on 92.1-FM in Lansing. “So nothing I’m worried about but I just can’t talk about it, guys.” Well then came the confirmation shortly after that he took “MSU Commit” off of his Twitter bio. The sirens and tweets by so called ESPN experts confirmed Swanigan’s
de-commitment from the Spartans. First let’s address the myth’s and lies as seen below

1. Roosevelt Barnes is making Caleb go to Purdue: Absolutely FALSE
His legal guardian, former Detroit Lions and Purdue linebacker Roosevelt Barnes acting as Swanigan’s legal guardian had signed the Letter of Intent to Michigan State and was just waiting for the Caleb’s signature. Caleb’s own father were completely fine with Caleb going to Michigan State and not a living soul knows his mom’s stance, but that’s not saying she is against her son going to MSU.

2. Swanigan demanded a chef, private apartment, only play the four, and at least 30 minutes a game and Izzo said adidos! Mostly FALSE
Has our source said that Caleb may have been a little stuck up, yes. However, he never told Izzo that he wanted his own personal chef and for him to live in a private apartment. It is known that Caleb is not a big fan of cafeteria food, yes and would he have like to have his own dorm room with no roommates, yes but not the outrages lies that have been spread. Now what may be true is that Caleb wants to play the 4 rather than the five and that he doesn’t want to sit the bench but the words, “I have to play the four and I have to play at least 30 minutes every game” never came out of Caleb’s mouth.

3. Swanigan to Purdue is a done deal! False
No one believes this to be true. Who knows where he lands next but nothing is a done deal.

Finally the truth!!!
According to our source that main reason he de-committed is that he did not want to come up to East Lansing this summer. He wanted to report in August right before their trip to Italy. Caleb really wants to spend time in Indiana with his friends, etc. and travel a little as well. It is known that Izzo highly prefers that his players after their month off, come up to East Lansing and prepare for the season, just ask Gavin Schilling. Caleb does have that “One and Done” mentality and that “I expect to be the big man on campus” but that does not make him a bad guy. That just makes him a teenage basketball recruit in the year 2015 that many schools would kill (like Purdue) to have on their team. No one is going to change the way Tom Izzo recruits and one thing is for sure, Izzo never 100% promises any recruit unlimited playing time and Izzo wants “gym rats” players and live, eat, and breathe basketball.

What’s next? The Division I basketball late signing period runs from April 15 to May 20. There is a very slight chance that Izzo calms down and Caleb realizes that the grass is not always greener on the other side. One thing is for sure, Caleb is not talking and only he knows what he is going to do. Until his signs on the dotted line, we will all wait and see.