Trouble in Paradise? Who are we kidding…

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After all, the Lucious dismissal isn’t Izzo’s first personnel issue of the season. The coach dismissed guard Chris Allen in August after a prolonged deliberation period during which Allen worked out with the team and told the media he expected to return before his coach eventually sent him packing. Allen’s absence has left a noticeable gap; without him the Spartans lack a consistent long-range threat.

Tom Herzog transferred instead of coming back his senior year. Two freshmen players at Michigan State University basketball players have been accused of committing sexual assault on campus in August according to the Michigan Messenger website. There have also been issues with the inconsistent Summers, who Izzo benched for a “lack of enthusiasm,” as well as forward Derrick Nix, who nearly left the team in November over concerns about his playing time. In the meantime, Izzo was himself suspended for a silly recruiting violation incurred at MSU’s summer camp.

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