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4 years!
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Michigan State Roster
Adreian Payne
Keith Appling
Alex Gauna
Russell Byrd
Travis Trice
Branden Dawson
Keenan Wetzel
Gary Harris
Denzel Valentine
Matt Costello
Kenny Kaminski
Gavin Schilling
Alvin Ellis
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Michigan State University
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2000 and 1979
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Game Preview and
Game Summary Page
Former and Current Spartans in the NBA
Pat Forde gives Izzone props
Makes you proud to be a Spartan
team can mature
contender by March."
into a Final Four
contender by March."
-Jay Bilas
The Original Final Four Team 1957 and Elite 8 1959 Squad
We know how to dance
All Big Ten
Tom Izzo
Big Ten
Coach of
the Year
by DV
“These guys have to know you
come to a program like this to win
championships,” Tom Izzo said.
“That’s our mission, that’s our job.
They know they missed the chance
of a lifetime. So I’m gonna push ’em
harder than ever, because we’re
gonna get one of those banners
Recruits ranking
All Time Spartans
Remembering 1999-2000
Katz Report
Michigan State University
Year Founded: 1855
Conference: Big Ten
Venue: Jack Breslin Center
Students: 34,342 - Public
#17 in Recruiting
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MSU Basketball Info
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Ron Burgandy interviews Tom Izzo
Kissing the S
The Truth
ESPN Recruit Ranking by year
MSU Schedule
Forde on Izzo
Feature Story
Hightower and Bo Ryan
Big Ten Champions
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Recruiting Links and News
Izzo for Coaches vs. Cancer
MSU saved the Final Four
Breslin better than Kohl
Latest News
3 in the top 150!!!
Forde has our back
Michigan State named team of the
decade by SI.com
A True Hero
MSU Big Ten Champions 2009-2010
MSU Tournament History
Tournament Record under
1. 11/16 Sweet 16s
2. 7/11 Elite 8s with the
possibility to get 7/12 with a
win this year
3. 6/12 Final Fours
4. Most Tournament wins
since 1999 with 33 currently
5. Every Basketball player
who has been under
scholarship for 3 years in
Tom Izzo's Program has been
to at least 1 final 4 before
they left the program."
The No Call Video
We were the first to report
Izzo NOT going to Cavs
A reliable source tells finalfouru.com
that Tom Izzo while flattered and
entertained by the 6 million 5 year offer
from the Cleveland Cavs, will indeed
stay on as the head coach of the
Michigan State Spartans.  Here is why:
1. Lebron James is not under contract
with the Cavs.  This was a big factor.
2.  The money was nice but not Phil
Jackson range.  Apparently it would
have be in the 8 to 10 million range for
Izzo to sign on WITHOUT lebron and
that is even a big if.
3.  Izzo believes this is the season for a
2nd national championship and he has
a strong bond with his seniors.
-FinalFourU.com 06/07/10
2012 and 2013
classes filled
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9 Year
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5 Star Recruit!!!
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Great Chart of Izzo
in the tournament!
Michigan State ended their tournament
run in the Elite Eight to the eventual
national champions.
They were Big
Ten Tournament Champions
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Hightower will Retire in 2014
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Radio Interviews with Tom Izzo
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